How to Help Your Favorite Indie Authors

Some of you have asked how to help an indie author, and I’m flattered that I wrote words that made you want to push for my success. “How Can I Help?” is such an awesome question.

So, here are a few things that one person can quickly do to help their favorite self-published/indie authors.

  1. If you love the book you read, write a review. I usually need reviews on Amazon and Goodreads if you feel so inclined. (No spoilers!) It lets people who don’t know me–and don’t know I have a graduate degree in English–see that I know what I’m doing, that I can craft a story.
  2. Like their social media pages. I have Facebook only for now, but am considering Instagram. It’s the best way to stay informed about any new updates with my books.
  3. Like their posts and comment. Having a dialogue on a business page is important. If you thought a blog post was amazing or if it gave you insight into being an author, interact on the page.
  4. Share posts about upcoming book releases if you think your friends might be interested. I had friends who shared pictures of my book and tagged me after it was published. It is pretty thrilling to see the hard work of a novel in someone else’s hands.
  5. Favorite their website if you’re not really into Facebook or social media.
  6. Facilitate introductions. If you think your book club would love the author’s book, arrange a Q&A session with the author. It can be amazing for your group and will likely make the author’s month.
  7. Attend book launch events. Pre-coronavirus, this would have been a book signing or book launch party. It is beautiful to see people show up to buy your book. And many of these events are virtual now with Facebook live parties and launch events, so it’s easier to attend than ever. (No make-up or nice clothes required.)

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